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About KST Engineering

Your Trusted Structural Engineering Partner

At KST Engineering, we specialize in structural engineering services tailored to the diverse and dynamic needs of a diverse client-base. With over 50 years of combined experience, our team of professional engineers brings innovative solutions to industrial, commercial, and residential projects across the Central Texas region and beyond.

Our Austin-based firm is dedicated to ensuring excellence in every structural engineering project, leveraging state-of-the-art technology and extensive engineering expertise.

Who We Work With

At KST, we work with companies that have a need for discrete structural engineering services at different times during project lifecycles, but don’t retain structural services in-house. We realize that most often structural engineers are in a support role for process, mechanical, or architectural disciplines – we accommodate that flexibly and efficiently.

MEP Companies and Steel Fabricators

MEP firms and steel fabricators thrive with KST’s expert structural support for installations and detailed connection design.


Architects elevate their projects with KST’s structural insights for framing, sizing, and foundation design, ensuring structural integrity and appropriate serviceability.

Energy and Renewables Developers

Energy and renewables developers leverage KST’s structural engineering services for microgrids, solar arrays, and energy storage enhancing project sustainability.

End Users

From large industrial clients, municipalities, and utilities to homeowners, end users gain from KST’s wide array of tailored structural engineering services.

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Why Us

We make things easy for our clients.

KST is led by seasoned professional engineers with an extensive knowledge of technology. This knowledge translates into our business and operational processes as extra value for our clients. The firm is founded on the approach of optimal efficiency in project delivery without compromising quality. We aim to make collaboration with our clients as simple as possible.

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Years of Engineering Experience

With over 50 years of extensive AEC industry experience, KST engineers have honed their expertise, delivering exceptional quality and unmatched reliability to clients across various industries.

KST Engineering Services

Our mission is to provide optimal, customized structural engineering solutions for:

Equipment and Piping Support

Maximize efficiency with precision-engineered support for critical equipment and piping systems.

Data Center Facilities

Elevate data center resilience and performance with cutting-edge structural solutions.


Secure your project’s success from the ground up with precision foundation engineering.

Retrofit and Reuse

Ensure the safe transformation of existing structures into new use with innovative retrofitting and structural reinforcing strategies.

Structural Steel Design

Craft the backbone of your project with custom, high-strength steel designs.

Energy and Technology Development

Drive the future with sustainable structural solutions for fast-track energy and technology advancements.

We believe in the power of experience and innovation to push boundaries and deliver outstanding results.

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