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Equipment and Piping Support Structures​

At KST Engineering, we understand the critical role structural support plays in the success of mechanical systems. Our dedicated focus on providing robust solutions for equipment foundation designs, structural steel supports, and comprehensive piping systems sets us apart in the engineering landscape.

Expertise You Can Rely On

With a rich history of supporting complex mechanical engineering projects, our team possesses unparalleled expertise in designing and implementing support structures for equipment, whether it’s housed within buildings, positioned on rooftops, or integrated into new plant installations. Our approach combines precision, innovation, and reliability, ensuring every project meets the highest standards of structural integrity and functionality.

Close-up of a metallic elbow pipe with a blank square identification plate against a clear blue sky, with industrial structures in the background.
Insulated metal piping supported by steel structures, with valves and pressure meters in an industrial setting.
A gray structural steel pipe rack carrying piping on the lower level and cable tray on the upper level.
A large, stationary industrial generator set on a concrete base with a beige enclosure and a black base, against a clear blue sky.

Customized Solutions for Every Challenge

Recognizing the unique challenges each project presents, we offer tailored solutions designed to meet specific requirements. Our proficiency in creating pipe racks and supports exemplifies our commitment to delivering versatile and effective support systems for piping networks, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

A Partner in Your Project’s Success

Choosing KST Engineering means partnering with a firm that prioritizes your project’s success. We leverage our expertise to provide structural solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our collaborative approach ensures seamless integration with your mechanical engineering projects, contributing to their efficiency and sustainability.

Equipment and Piping Support Structural Engineering

Explore Our Specialized Services

Dive deeper into how KST Engineering can support your specific needs.

Premier anchorage design for equipment safety and structural integrity.

Optimize heavy-duty handling with KST’s custom crane and monorail support designs.

Structural Design of Chiller Plants

Maximize chiller plant reliability and sustainability with KST’s expert structural designs.

Design of AHU and RTU Structural Supports

KST’s tailored AHU and RTU support designs ensure unmatched reliability and performance.

Design of Piperacks and Pipe Supports

KST delivers superior piperack and pipe support designs for unmatched process resilience.

Engage with KST Engineering, where our expertise becomes the foundation of your project’s success.

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