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Full-Spectrum Structural Engineering Services

KST Engineering stands as a beacon of innovation in structural engineering, offering an extensive portfolio of services tailored to enhance industrial and technological infrastructure.

From the critical groundwork of foundational support to the intricate design of support structures for equipment and piping, our expertise covers the full spectrum of structural engineering.

Industrial steel framework supporting an array of variously colored pipes under a blue sky, indicative of a chemical or processing plant infrastructure.

Specializing in the design of support structures for equipment and piping, KST delivers tailored solutions that combine safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for industrial applications.

Example services include: Equipment Foundation Anchorage Design, Piperack and Pipe Support Structures, and Design of structural support for MEP Equipment or Process Equipment

Reinforcement steel bars forming a grid pattern for a foundation, with wooden formwork and trench shields around the excavation site, under bright daylight.


Our foundation services include the inspection and assessment of existing foundations or the design of new foundations for all structure types. KST leverages advanced analysis and design techniques to address unique soil conditions and load requirements.

Example services include: Deep Foundation Design, Helical Piers and Drilled-Shafts Design, and Pre-Engineered Metal Building Foundation Design Services

Rows of modern server racks in a data center with blue LED lighting, emphasizing a high-tech and secure computing environment.

Data Center Structural Engineering

Our experience in data center structural engineering encompasses robust design and strategic planning to support critical technology infrastructure, ensuring resilience and scalability.

Example services include: Design of cable tray and conduit support systems for electrical and communication raceways, Design of structural support systems for data center power distribution equipment, such as transformers, switchgear, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems

Energy storage system units in white containers labeled with caution signs, placed outdoors with wind turbines and solar panels in the background, symbolizing a renewable energy facility.

Engineering Support for Energy and Technology Development​

KST provides comprehensive engineering support for the development of energy and technology projects, focusing on innovative solutions to meet the challenges of renewable energy infrastructure.

Example services include: Electric vehicle charging station canopy and foundation design, Solar Farm and Battery Storage Foundation Design, Design of structures for carbon capture and utilization (CCU) facilities

Twilight view of an industrial cement plant with towering silos and structures illuminated by lights, with a backdrop of mountains and a clear sky.

Industrial Structures

KST excels in the engineering of industrial structures, offering designs that prioritize functionality, safety, and long-term sustainability for all types of manufacturing and processing facilities.

Example services include: Design of containment structures, Design of access platforms and maintenance platforms, structural design for water and wastewater facilities

Complex network of grey steel girders and beams in a crisscross pattern, showcasing the structural framework of a building under construction.

Structural Steel Design

Specializing in structural steel design, KST Engineering provides solutions that enhance the strength, flexibility, and efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings.

Example services include: Canopy and shade structure design, commercial steel building design, steel connection design

Underneath view of a complex steel bridge structure with diagonal braces, showing detailed engineering against a backdrop of trees and a house on a hill.

Retrofit, Re-use

KST offers retrofit and reuse services designed to extend the life of existing structures, incorporating modern engineering solutions to meet current standards and functional needs.

Example services include: Structural renovations and adaptive reuse, Building expansion and modification, structural strengthening and stabilization

Two engineers working collaboratively on architectural plans with pens and a calculator on a wooden table, white safety helmet in the foreground, indicating a planning or brainstorming session.

Conceptual and Preliminary Structural Design

At KST, we begin every project with a solid foundation of conceptual and preliminary design, ensuring that every aspect of the structural plan aligns with client visions and technical requirements.

Example services include: Preliminary structural design for proposals, preliminary structural design for architectural concepts, preliminary quantity estimates for construction proposals

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