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At KST, we’re not just engineers; we’re innovators. With a relentless focus on precision, sustainability, and efficiency, we tailor our structural engineering solutions to fit the unique needs of each project, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our expertise spans from conceptual design to completion, ensuring every project stands on a solid, meticulously engineered foundation.

Our Client Focus for Structural Engineering Solutions

At KST, our mission is to streamline your experience. We’re dedicated to simplifying the process of engaging with our firm for all your structural projects, ensuring not only a swift response but also upholding our high standards of quality. Our focus is on alleviating our clients’ challenges, providing a seamless and efficient service tailored to meet your needs with excellence.

Automate Information Transfer

Leveraging advanced technology, we ensure seamless data flow, enabling faster, more accurate project progress and decision-making.

Work with Field Personnel not Against

Our collaborative approach aligns with on-site teams, fostering mutual respect and synergy to overcome challenges and achieve project goals efficiently.

Quantify Risks

We employ a structured analysis to identify, assess, and manage potential risks, ensuring informed decisions and strategic planning for project risks.

KST Leadership

Nathan Stevens, PE

Principal, Structural Engineer

Nate’s project management experience ranges from military bases and industrial developments to utility infrastructure and facilities for a wide variety of clients.  As a project manager, he engaged clients to develop and clarify project scopes during proposal stages.  He coordinated with discipline leads to facilitate the flow of information between clients and the design teams.  This ability to keep communication lines open has led to better informed stakeholders and faster buy-in from the client’s project sponsors.  During the construction phase, Nate has facilitated contractor selection with bid reviews, analysis, and recommendations on diverse projects.
Nate couples his project management experience with equal parts technical expertise and business development ability.  His structural design experience includes large equipment foundations for steam and gas turbines, HRSG’s, boilers, power transformers and breakers, steel platforms, precast concrete and rolled steel beam bridges, retaining and sound walls, wastewater treatment facilities, concrete and steel tanks, concrete and masonry framed buildings, timber roofs and decking.   

He has orchestrated design and business development efforts in a fast-moving international office with culturally diverse and geographically distant teams, during all stages of project development, for large scale commercial, industrial, and military projects.  Always on the lookout for the client, he has empowered design teams to exceed client and end-user goals to mutual benefit of the client and the company.  Nate has experience teaming with selected contractors during value engineering stages of projects when it proved beneficial to clients and end-users.

Licensed in CA

Aaron Klimisch, PE

Principal, Structural Engineer

Aaron founded KST Engineering with a unique perspective on creating high-quality and efficient workflows for the design and engineering industries. His journey began through keen observations of the challenges faced by design firms in managing workloads against tight deadlines. This insight, coupled with his experience in international environments, showcased the immense benefits of acquisition of project experts from all over the world.

Aaron’s technical structural engineering experience spans various sectors, including water/wastewater facilities, hospitals, commercial buildings, bridges, and heavy industrial markets, making him a well-rounded leader in structural engineering and project management. His international exposure, notably for several years abroad in Germany, where he managed civil and structural disciplines for large petrochemical projects, has equipped him with a broad understanding of diverse engineering and construction challenges and their subsequent solutions.

Aaron’s commitment to leveraging remote collaboration and technology reflects his forward-thinking approach to offering cost-effective, flexible staffing solutions to locate specialized talent for specific knowledge depending on project needs. He emphasizes the importance of virtual teamwork, which allows for a seamless integration of specialized expertise from around the country, underscoring his belief in innovation and efficiency.

At the core of Aaron’s philosophy is a client-focused approach, where he continually seeks creative solutions to meet and exceed client expectations. His technical and management expertise, combined with a strategic mindset in project planning and execution, positions him as a pioneering figure in the engineering field. Aaron’s leadership at KST Engineering embodies a dedication to excellence, innovation, and the nurturing of exceptional teams aimed at delivering outstanding value in the AEC industry.

Licensed in TX

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