Secure Your Equipment with Certified Anchorage Design.

Expertise in Advanced Anchorage Design for Unmatched Structural Integrity.

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Our Service

Thorough + Efficient

KST’s goal is to provide a design service that is of the highest quality but executed with a well-defined, efficient process from project start to closeout.

From seismic and wind design loads analysis and detailed anchor design calculations to PE-sealed anchor design drawings, we provide a comprehensive service package ensuring the anchorage system’s integrity and longevity.

Customized Anchor Design Solutions

Tailored anchorage plans that fit your specific equipment and foundation conditions. KST works with clients to utilize a preferred anchorage type for installation.

Comprehensive Deliverable Package

KST’s Professional Engineers produce a calculation package and an anchor layout and detail drawing as a standard deliverable set.

Rapid Turnaround

With KST’s streamlined process, clients with a Master Service Agreement (MSA) with KST enjoy expedited service delivery, ensuring your project stays on schedule.

Our Approach

Robust Anchor Design

KST utilizes advanced post-installed solutions like mechanical anchors, undercut, and epoxy adhesives, as well as CIP anchors for new construction. Anchor designs are evaluated to meet the unique demands of operational and environmental stresses.

Seismic Resilience

Our designs factor in seismic load calculations, ensuring your equipment remains steadfast against earthquakes and other natural challenges.

Building Code Compliance

We rigorously adhere to IBC and ACI standards, guaranteeing that our anchor solutions exceed the latest safety requirements.

Retrofitting Excellence

Our services extend to upgrading existing infrastructures, ensuring they meet contemporary safety standards without overburdening the existing foundation.

Ensure that equipment is anchored the right way.

Want to learn more about this engineering service?

Read an in-depth article on KST’s comprehensive approach to anchor design for equipment and structural elements.

Who can Benefit from Equipment Anchor Design Services?

Below is a listing of KST’s typical clients in need of anchor design services. Most often, KST’s clients are in need of a design submittal sealed by a Registered Professional Engineer as required by project contract specifications. KST’s staff of Professional Engineers can help provide a quality submittal suitable for Owner review and documentation.

MEP Companies
Equipment Installation Professionals
Industrial and Manufacturing End Users
Utilities Providers
Municipal Infrastructure Projects
Energy Developers
Construction Contractors
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Whether upgrading your equipment or installing new heavy machinery, our anchor design services ensure your operations are safe and resilient.

Why Trust KST Engineering for Your Equipment Anchorage Design Needs?

Our Anchoring Expertise

In the realm of critical process and utility operations, the foundation is everything. At KST Engineering, we specialize in ensuring that your equipment is anchored with precision, reliability, and unparalleled safety.

Our expertise in equipment anchorage design spans across cast-in-place, mechanical anchors and epoxy adhesive post-installed anchors, tailored for both new installations and critical infrastructure upgrades.

Stack of threaded rebar with hex nuts, some with protective blue caps, arranged on a wooden pallet at a construction site.
Industrial electric water pumps with blue housing and silver motors mounted on a blue base with yellow and black safety striping, in a mechanical room.


Years of Engineering Experience

With KST Engineering, secure the asset that your business’s productivity and safety stand on.

Ready to solidify the foundation of your operations?

Contact KST Engineering today to discuss how we can assist in securing your equipment or structural element against any challenge. Our team is ready to provide you with an anchorage design that brings peace of mind and operational stability.

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